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What can I do with a Certificate?
Many employers place a high degree of importance on having practical and professional certification. Certificates are quickly becoming a standardized avenue for students to gain real world professional experience and knowledge in a variety of fields. OLIS helps bridge the gap between sustainability in academia and the professional setting.

How does OLIS fit into the graduate programs at the University of Oregon?

OLIS is part of the University of Oregon's Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Students enrolled in Master's programs at UO either take a leave of absence from their programs to attend OLIS, or may be enrolled concurrently. Please see the Graduate School website for more information.  

Can credit from OLIS be applied toward a Master's degree either now or in the future?
We  work with other programs across campus so that you may obtain course credit for as much of this program as other degree programs find appropriate. We apply graduate school standards for credit hours and grading; therefore many other graduate programs accept credits earned within the OLIS program. We can help you navigate the system if you are interested in applying to a Master’s program at the University of Oregon or another university after completing your OLIS coursework.

What is included in the cost of the program?
The program cost includes tuition and some course materials as well as University services such as the Student Recreation Center, Outdoors Program, Erb Memorial Union, and student tickets for sporting events. Students must provide for their own housing, meals and supplies.

Are scholarships available?
At this time OLIS is not able to offer scholarships, although we hope to do so in the future.

How do I find housing in Eugene, Oregon?
The University has an official housing website. Some students find nearby rentals using online listings such as Craigslist.  As students are admitted to OLIS, we set up a listserv so you may contact each other for group rentals.

What equipment and/or materials will I need to bring?
All students are required to have a laptop or desktop computer. The college will provide access to any required graphical or technical software for the duration of the program. Other supplies will be available for purchase on or near campus.




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